Ask Us a Question!

Are you a licenced builder?

Yes, I was originally a sole trader, first licenced in 1998 and then became a partnership with my wife in 2004.

Do you have home owners warranty insurance?

Yes, all our work is covered by Master Builders Insurance services.

Do you use a contract?

Yes, all of our building projects are done under the Dept of Fair Trading plain english contracts.

How are progress payments made?

The payments are made at stages of work completed which are listed in the contract, i.e; deposit, finish of ground slab, frames and trusses, lock-up, internal finishes and final.

What type of houses do you build?

We build everything from a standard single storey house on a level site to the most challenging types of construction for sloping sites which require multiple levels.

Do you do other types of construction?

Yes, we build villas, townhouses and duplex dwellings as well as major extension and renovation work which can fully transform a house.

We also provide Bathroom Renovations and Kitchen Renovations.

Do you use new products?

Yes, MCB likes keeping up to date on the latest materials and designs being used today by means of membership with building suppliers and visiting building expo’s which gives us the latest products being released onto the market.

What about plans?

MCB does work in conjunction with some of the local draftpersons in the area who can provide other services such as, fire assessment plans, Basix certification, and engineering plans from a qualified engineer.